Diameter 20 mm / 23 mm (option)
Headstock stroke 350 mm
Machining possibilities

Kinematics & tools

  • 24 + α tools for main and backworking on 3 turrets
  • 12 axes





The new ST-20 fascinates with various possibilities for overlapped machining with three independent turrets, each with 8 stations.
The turret drive with 2.5 kW and the latest FANUC 31i-B control system complete the entire package.


  • FANUC 31i-B5 control system with electronic handwheel
  • C axis control as standard on main and sub spindle
  • fully independent backworking with 8 stations
  • movable control panel
  • two turrets for simultaneous machining on the front side
  • additional longitudinal axis on the tool post 3
  • three fully independent tool systems
  • turret drive power 2.5 kW
General information ST-20
Number of axes 12
Max. rapid traverse speed 30 m/min
Weight approx. 4,850 kg
Coolant tank capacity 213 litres
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 2,988 x 1,720 x 1,845 mm

Main spindle side ST-20
Number of axes 7
Axes main spindle (headstock) Z1 / C1
Axes turret 1 X1 / Y1
Axes turret 3 X3 / Y3 / Z3
Max. machining diameter 20 mm / 23 mm (option)
Max. headstock stroke (sliding/fixed headstock) 350 mm
Max. main spindle drive power 5.5 kW
Max. main spindle speed 10,000 1/min
Tools on the turret  
No. of tool stations per turret 8 tools (all power-driven)
Max. turret drive power 1 and 3 2.5 kW
Max. turret speed 1 and 3 5,750 rpm

Sub spindle side ST-20
Number of axes 5
Axes sub spindle Z2 / C2 / YA2
Axes turret 2 X2 / Y2
Max. chucking diameter 20 mm / 23 mm (option)
Max. sub spindle drive power 5.5 kW
Max. sub spindle speed 10,000 rpm
Backworking tools  
Tool stations 8 units (8 power-driven)
Max. turret drive power 2 2.5 kW
Max. turret speed 2 5,750 rpm

Standard scope of delivery

  • FANUC 31i-B5 control system with electronic handwheel
  • 8 + α tools for turning, drilling, cross machining on 3 turret
  • broken cut-off tool detector
  • parts ejection detector
  • sub spindle for backworking
  • sub spindle air blow unit
  • parts receptacle
  • pneumatic unit with maintenance unit
  • parts ejection detector for the sub spindle
  • parts conveyor to remove the parts
  • oil lubrication system
  • separate coolant tank with level monitoring and coolant flow detector
  • bar feeder interface
  • levelling pads and adjustment screws
  • worklight
  • toolbox with special tools

  • metric input
  • tool nose radius compensation
  • constant cutting speed for main and sub spindle
  • multiple canned cycles
  • operating hours display
  • parts counter
  • automatic power supply cut-off function
  • interfaces to input and read data
  • program sequence controllable with electronic handwheel
  • cylindrical interpolation
  • polar coordinate interpolation
  • polygon machining
  • helical interpolation
  • 3D coordinate conversion mode

  • bar feeding: bar feeder
  • chip disposal: chip conveyor
  • long parts ejector
  • beacon: acc. to customer requirements
  • high pressure unit: 50 to 300 bar
  • fire protection: small fire extinguishing system
  • complete filtration coolant
  • Tools in the internet at

Metal cutting

Selection from our

range of tools

Your advantages

with star Micronics

  • Training
    STAR Micronics GmbH offers special training sessions for machine operators. You as customer can decide whether to have the training in our company or on your premises. The training is naturally exclusively for your personnel and specifically designed for your range of parts.
  • High pressure unit
    The machine can be retrofitted with high pressure units from 50 to 300 bar. In addition, other developments are available to you, such as programmable pressure control or complete filtration.
  • Cooling lubricants
    The machine can be run with oil or with aqueous emulsions. However, we recommend the use of oil as this is far more beneficial to the longevity of the machine.
  • Bar feeder
    All commonly available bar feeders (FMB/IEMCA/LNS) can be used with the machine. The software interface is included in the machine as standard.
  • Chip conveyor
    The machine can be fitted with a chip conveyor or a chip flushing system.
  • Peripherals
    Peripheral components such as parts separators, purchased coolant units (oil/emulsion), coolant filters, fire protection systems and TPM (tool process monitoring) can also be offered. A retrofit of peripheral components is always possible.
  • Service
    SSC star* Service Connect as 24/7 customer portal and online connectivity for your machines, tickets and service calls. A current overview can be called up at any time. In addition, you have access to the star* knowledge database

You will receive a quotation for a star* ST-20 with a standard configuration.


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ST-20 brochure

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