High Speed Loader II

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The new star* HSL High Speed Loader offers everything to meet modern requirements and is tailor-made for star* machines – and your special requirements.

As a result, in addition to your usual high precision and modern star* machine, you also have the opportunity to complete your production line with an accessory concept with integrated bar loader, transformer and high pressure unit. In addition to the low space requirement, high speed, stability and long life of the core component of your machining system, the automatic lathe, you can also expect the same from the accessories – just as it should be.

A number of customers have been testing the line for more than a year and are completely satisfied with its reliability – a flexible solution which STAR Micronics has developed and installed together with experienced partners.

24 months guarantee 1
without limitations

Guarantee extended to 24 months

– without operating hours limitation

In the meantime, the reliability and long life of our star* CNC automatic lathes has become legendary. As we are convinced about the high quality of our products, in future we will grant you a warranty of 24 months on our star* CNC automatic lathes1.

This regardless of whether you produce with two or three shifts on our machines.

1 Except for wear parts.


High Speed Loader II

  • For diameters from 3 to 36 mm
  • Consistent design tailor-made for star* machines
  • Compact, space-saving, robust construction with integrated star* machine transformer and control cabinet
  • Müller high pressure unit available as option fully integrated with filter system and cooling unit
  • Completely sealed tray in underbody area
  • Glass cover for viewing inside the high speed loader
  • Extremely short and compact mounting between machine and loader
  • Common supply line for less cables and piping
  • New type of steady rest system for centering and guiding the bar
  • Also suitable for diameters from 8 mm (option)
  • Bar change time under 26 sec.
  • Changing of inserts for efficient adaption of the guide channel to different material diameters in under 10 minutes (plastic turning channel)
  • Operation via the machine control system
  • Bar length visually displayed with integrated LED strip or per digital display
  • Display of operating status via colour change of LED strip
  • Sliding device (Hybrid) for conversion from a sliding headstock to a fixed headstock lathe

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