CNC automatic lathes

SR-38 type B


In comparison to its proven smaller brother the SR-20R IV, the new SR-38 type B CNC automatic lathe has an extended material capability of 38 mm. Furthermore, balance cut machining can be carried out on the tool post (X3 axis). The swivel B axis offers additional machining possibilities.

  • FANUC 31i-B5 control system
  • Movable control panel
  • C axis control as standard on main and sub spindle
  • Convertible from sliding headstock to fixed headstock lathe
  • B axis for the front and rear side on the tool post
  • Additional X3 axis for simultaneous turning on the front side
  • Fully independent backworking with 8 stations (all power-driven)


  • 7 turning tools
  • Each with 5 drilling tools (front and rear side)
  • 9 + α power-driven tools on the tool post
  • 11 + α power-driven tools for backworking
  • 10 axes type B
Diameter Durchmesser 38 mm / 40 mm (option) /
42 mm (fixed headstock)
Length Länge 320 mm / 95 mm (fixed headstock)
Machining options Geometrie
C1 / Z1 axis C-Achse Main spindle
C2 / X2 / Z2 axis C-Achse Sub spindle


Number of axes 6
Main spindle (headstock) Z1 / C1 axis
Tool post X1 / X3 / Y1 axis
B axis on the tool post freely programmable
Max. machining diameter 38 mm / 40 mm (option)
42 mm (fixed headstock)
Max. headstock stroke
(sliding/fixed headstock)
320 mm / 95 mm
Max. main spindle drive power 11.0 kW
Max. main spindle speed 7,000 rpm
Tools on the tool post
Front turning tools 4 tools (□ 16 mm) /
1 tools (□ 20 mm)
Turning tools on the X3 tool post 2 tools (□ 16 mm)
Drilling tools (5-spindle drilling unit) 3 tools (ER16) /
2 tools (ER20)
Cross machining tools 6 tools ER 20 (+ α tools)
B axis 3 tools (ER16) Front side /
3 tools (ER16) Rear side
Max. cross machining speed 6,000 rpm
Max. cross machining drive power 3.0 kW
Number of axes 4
Sub spindle X2 / Z2 / C2 axis
vertical axis Y2
Max. gripping diameter 42 mm
Max. sub spindle drive power 5.5 kW
Max. sub spindle speed 7,000 rpm
Backworking tools
Tool stations 8 tools (8 power-driven)
Max. backworking speed 6.000 rpm
Max. rapid traverse speed 36 m/min
Coolant tank capacity 359 litres
Dimensions (L x W x H) Approx. 3192 x 1315
x 2120 mm
Weight 4,300 kg