CNC sliding head lathes


The Advantages

The SR-32J sliding head lathe was designed especially to economically produce turned parts in the large diameter range.

Easy handling and quick machine set-up times enable use in any turning shop.

  • FANUC 32i-B control system
  • C-axis control as standard on main and sub spindle
  • completely independent backworking
  • movable control panel

Kinematics & Tools

  • 6 turning tools
  • front and rear side each with 4 drilling tools
  • 5 + α power-driven tools on the tool post
  • 4 + α power-driven tools for backworking
  • 7 axes
Diameter Diameter 32 mm / 34 mm (option)
Length Length 310 mm
Machining options Geometry
C axis C axis Main spindle
C axis C axis Sub spindle

Kinematics of the SR-32J

Front Side
Number of axes 7
Main spindle (headstock) Z1 / C1 axis
Tool post 1 X1 / Y1 axis
Max. machining diameter 32 mm / 34 mm (option)
Max. headstock stroke (standard) 310 mm
Max. headstock stroke with flexible guide bush unit 280 mm
Drive power main spindle 7.5 kW
Max. main spindle speed 7,000 rpm
Tools on the tool post
Turning tools 6 tools (□ 16 mm)
Drilling tools
(4-spindle sleeve holder)
4 tools (1x Ø 32 mm / 3x Ø 32 mm sleeves)
Cross driven tools 5 tools (ER16)
Speed 5,000 rpm
Sub spindle
Sub spindle X2 / Z2 / C2 axis
Max. chucking diameter 32 mm
Drive power 3.7 kW
Max. sub spindle speed 7,000 rpm
Backworking tools
Drilling tools
(4-station tool holder)
4 tools (Ø 22 mm sleeve)
Drive unit (standard) 4 tools (ER16)