CNC sliding head lathes

SR-20JN type C

The Advantages

SR-20JN – the fixed headstock variation of the SR-20J. Allows you to benefit from the proven star* advantages also with conventional turning. The removal of the guide bush unit, shorter remnants and even shorter set-up times result in further cost reductions in the production of short-turned parts.

  • FANUC 31i-B control system
  • C-axis control as standard on main and sub spindle
  • machine system and kinematics identical to SR-20J
  • high cost reduction (fixed headstock variation) through:
    • short remnants
    • lower requirements for bar material
    • no guide bush unit
    • shorter set-up times

Kinematics & Tools

  • 6 turning tools
  • front and rear side each with 4 drilling tools
  • 5 + α power-driven tools on the tool post
  • 4 + α power-driven tools for backworking
  • 2 deep hole drilling stations
  • 7 axes
specifications Fixed headstock variation (N)
Diameter Diameter 20 mm / 23 mm (option)
Length Length 55 mm
Machining options Geometry
C axis C axis Main spindle
C axis C axis Sub spindle

Kinematics of the SR-20JN

Front Side
Number of axes 7
Main spindle (headstock) Z1 / C1 axis
Tool post X1 / Y1 axis
Max. machining diameter 20 mm / 23 mm (option)
Max. headstock stroke (sliding head) 55 mm
Max. drive power 3.7 kW
Max. main spindle speed 10,000 rpm
Tools on the tool post
Turning tools 6 tools (□ 12 mm)
Drilling tools
(4-spindle sleeve holder)
4 tools (Ø 22 mm sleeve)
Cross driven tools 5 tools (ER16)
(alternatively 3 tools ER16 + 2 tools ER20)
Speed 8,000 rpm
Sub Spindle
Sub spindle X2 / Z2 / C2 axis
Max. chucking diameter 20 mm / 23 mm (option)
Drive power 2.2 kW
Max. sub spindle speed 8,000 rpm
Backworking tools
Drilling tools
(4-spindle sleeve holder)
4 tools (Ø 22 mm sleeve)
Drive unit (standard) 4 tools (ER16)